Sunday, March 30, 2008

Senate Convention madness!

Preparing for the senate convention!
The picture above is the crowd at the 16th senatorial district in Texas on Saturday, March 29, 2008. The convention included delegates elected from their precincts. Close to 4,000 people attended. We usually have a couple hundred people attend. The purpose of the convention is to elect state convention delegates and pass resolutions.

We got out the vote for the precinct convention and the Hillary Clinton caucus had more sign ins than Obama! So our next step was to maintain our 8 to 7 delegate advantage for the senate convention caucus to make sure we elected a Clinton delegate on to the state convention in Austin.

Leading up to the convention, we got robo calls from Bill Clinton and other surrogates from Hillary's campaign. The campaign had several trainings on what to expect from the senate conventions. I spent a couple evenings reviewing precinct sign in sheets to identify any challenges.

My Clinton precinct delegates were troopers! I called, emailed and sent letters to make sure everyone was attending. Neighbors from the precinct car pooled and we met outside SMU's Coliseum to go through the line together. One of our neighbors made a make shift sign with "precinct 2220" so that others could find us in the line.

Our eight delegate spots were filled including a couple alternates to have on hand. As a result I was elected as our precinct's state convention delegate.
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