Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some interesting items of the day

Here are a couple of interesting tid bits:

Latest news is that Hillary is weighing the decision of taking the Secretary of State position. Rumors are that it is hers if she wants it. Here is the latest report from AP.

I must have been completely out of the loop but I had no idea that there were house races that were yet undecided. NBC takes a look at the five: CA-4, OH-15, VA-5, LA-2, LA-4, IL-5.

Bill Clinton is campaigning in Georgia for Democrat Jim Martin. Saxby Chambliss has to go. I will never forget what he did to Max Cleland. Chambliss ran ads claiming that Cleland was unpatriotic. Cleland lost limbs due to his military service!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Go Terry go! Terry McAuliffe looks at running for Virginia Governor

You might have heard the news about Terry McAuliffe and his possible run for Virginia Governor. Terry is the former chair of the DNC and he served as the Clinton Campaign Chairman. Like Hillary, he campaigned hard for President Elect Obama. I am a big fan!

I am a fan of McAuliffe for an unlikely reason .... I drove him around Dallas for a several hours about seven years ago! He was in town to raise money and speak at a couple events. The DNC staff heard that another high profile Democrat had a funky driver a few days before and they wanted someone less crazy. I guess I fit the profile and someone gave them my name.

If you are a regular of my blog or a friend, you may remember that I get requests to drive notable people from time to time...its kinda funny. I also have passed on opportunities in order to recommended other people who might be a big fan or supporter of the individual. However, nothing beats the story of a close friend who drove Rob Lowe to a Bill Clinton rally out in East Texas back in the 90's.

Back to McAuliffe.... While driving through Downtown Dallas to a fundraiser at the Aldophus Hotel, I pointed out to McAuliffe the locations involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy including the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza and Texas School Book Depository. McAuliffe was definitely moved by the experience and asked if we could stop for a moment. I mentioned there was a great museum near by and we did a quick tour of the The Sixth Floor Museum, a non-profit museum run by a local foundation.
It was a great experience to be able to share a moment of reflecting on the assassination and its impact with the leader of the Democratic Party. McAuliffe earned my respect and I am glad to see he is stepping up to the plate to considering a run for office and to serve his state.

Hillary's campaign office sent out an email about Terry's possible run noting that "Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe announced this week that he would explore the opportunity of running for Virginia Governor in 2009. Terry’s wife, Dorothy, sent the following email yesterday: As you may know, Terry's been contemplating a run for governor of Virginia for some time now. And this week, he officially kicked off a two-month long process of touring the Commonwealth in order to initiate a conversation with fellow Virginians. He'll make a final decision about whether to run for governor in early January. That decision will be based in large part on what kind of enthusiasm is out there for his candidacy."

I think McAuliffe would make a great elected official. McAuliffe once wrestled an alligator so I am sure he is up for the job!

You can check out Terry's website here:

Politico notes that "McAuliffe starts Va. charm offensive"

Richmond Times Dispatch notes that a former campaign manager for Gov/Sen. Warner and Gov. Kaine to advise McAuliffe

U.S. News and World Report Blog:
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Hillary the Trailblazer

I apologize for the hiatus in my blog posts. My post election life has been fun. I have been taking time to relax, work out, visit with friends, etc. I have been keeping up and enjoying the focus on Chicago and the Obama transition. I have to say that it is much fun to watch Chicago from a far when it is 75 degrees in Dallas!

Like many I am very excited about the prospects of Hillary as Secretary of State. I believe it will have a huge positive impact on the perception of our country abroad. But, the last couple days I have been a little peeved at the knocks Hillary has been getting in regards to this possible appointment.

So, it was good to see that Hillary has been recognized for something good!

Glamour Magazine in their Women of the Year edition/program recognized Hillary as the Trailblazer. I'm not a reader of Glamour but I have always been impressed by how they recognize women for their achievements. While in college and grad school, I knew of a couple women who were noted for their achievements in Glamour's college edition of women of the year.

Hillary's campaign staff sent out this information regarding the recognition of Hillary:

Celebrating Glamour’s “Women of the Year 2008:”Glamour magazine honored Hillary Clinton at this year’s “Glamour Women of the Year 2008” Awards ceremony this week in New York. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Senator Clinton, America Ferrera and others. According to America Ferrera: “This has been a wonderful year for women and I think, you know, in large part due to Senator Clinton and I’m always honored to be in her company and I’m very honored to be here today.”

Watch the segment here.

Glamour calls Hillary Clinton “The Trailblazer,” writing: This year Hillary Clinton did something very rare for a politician: She won while losing. No, she didn’t reach the White House—but she motivated a new generation of women of every political stripe.

Read more here.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

What the Obama Election Night ticket looked like

This was sent to me by a family member. Thought you might think this was cool. The ticket was transmitted with the recipient's name. I removed for privacy reasons.
Display Images To Print Your Election Night Ticket
Please Note:
  • Tickets are non-transferable. Any attempt to copy the original ticket will make it void.
  • Photo ID matching the ticket holder's name is required to enter the event.
  • The use of public transportation is strongly encouraged.
  • For security reasons, do not bring bags. Please limit personal items. No signs, banners, chairs, lawn chairs, blankets, or strollers allowed.
Grant Park - Hutchinson Field, Gates Open: 8:30pm
Display Images
Display Images
Display Images

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Onion spoof

The Onion spoof "Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are"

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A review of the polls

I liked this article on the Huffington Post and thought I would share. It reviews the different polls and their accuracy.

Click here for the story
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Last night!

Wasn't last night amazing. Watching President Elect Obama and the crowd meant a great deal to me on so many levels. Growing up outside of Chicago in Northwest Indiana, I was able to go to events in Grant Park. It was so cool to see the park and Downtown Chicago again on T.V.

A family member works in Downtown Chicago and she sent me this picture of a banner sign in Chicago that says "Congratulations Chicago's own Barack Obama".

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Very few republicans in the field

You may have noticed by my Twitter updates at that I have spotted very few republicans at polling locations and not that many republican signs.

One reason the republicans are in trouble...homemade signs. I know that may sound odd but if someone goes to the trouble of making a hang made sign and posting in a Democratic neighborhood, the republicans are in trouble. That level of extra activism makes a difference. Check out the sign that I spotted during lunch.

From 2008 Election
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More election day photos

Click on photo to see album.

2008 Election
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Pictures from early morning election day

More pictures to come. I apologize for the quality. From camera phone.

I met up friends early today and we put out signs then worked outside on of the polls promoting straight ticket voting and down ballot races.

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Follow me on Twitter

You can follow me on Twitter today. I was up at 4:30 am and met other volunteers to put up signs and push down ballot candidates and straight ticket voting outside polling places. Going to work and then back at the polls. Sphere: Related Content

Election day slide show from the Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News has some good photos. I have know Dorothy Dean on slide 2 for a long time and Raj on Slide 5. Exall Park is my voting location but I voted early.

Here is the link: Sphere: Related Content

Dallas Morning News asked to leave Obama press plane

Click here to read about it. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today, Hillary will be racking up some miles starting in Pittsburgh, Pa then off to the midwest in St. Charles Missouri (St. Louis burb). She will be ending her trip in Duluth, MN. It will be interesting to see where she lands tomorrow.

You can keep track of me tomorrow (fanatic) on Twitter at I will be starting the day at 5:45 am and going to work during the day. Then back doing GOTV until the polls close.

Here are the locations and events for Hillary today:

  • Senator Hillary Clinton will visit the Mt. Lebanon Obama for America Field Office in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • In the early afternoon on Monday, Senator Clinton will attend an Obama for America rally in St. Charles, MO.

  • Later in the afternoon, Senator Clinton will travel to Duluth, MN to campaign on behalf of Senate candidate Al Franken.
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Hillary's op-eds this past weekend in support of Obama

New York Daily News
The man for the moment: Hillary Clinton makes the case for Barack Obama
November 2, 2008
Click here

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Sen. Hillary Clinton: Why Floridians should vote for Barack Obama
October 31, 2008
Click here
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bill Clinton stumps for members of congress and Obama

It has been pretty cool that Hillary and Bill have been actively campaigning for U.S. candidates including Rick Noriega in Texas. CBS News reports the Clinton's efforts in Kentucky. Click here.

Bill Clinton has been all over the country stumping for several candidates. One of those is Congressman Murtha for his tough re-election campaign. Click here for story. He will also campaign for Rep. Paul Kanjorski which noted by is "considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats in Congress".

President Clinton was also in West Virginia asking the crowd to pick Obama and that "It's not too late for us to carry West Virginia". Click here. Sphere: Related Content

Hillary update

I have also published this at

Below is the Halloween update from Hillary's campaign office.

The Clinton's are campaigning hard for the Obama/Biden ticket and Democratic candidates. I love her quote on Halloween noted below:

“Trick or Treat” in Ohio: Friday, at an Obama-Biden Halloween rally in Kirtland, OH, Hillary told the crowd:

“I was thinking about dressing up. And I really wanted to be scary. I’ve done the princess stuff, and this time I wanted to be really frightening so I thought I would dress up like George W. Bush.

“Then I realized: John McCain took that costume.

“This Halloween, there is something a lot more frightening than ghosts and goblins and that is the idea that our country would have 4 more years of the same.

“This is our chance my friends. It’s going to either be trick or treat. The trick – we can’t’ fall for that again. The treat is new leadership with a new President in Barack Obama.

Read more.

“YouTubing” for GOTV: This past week, HillPAC released a new video featuring President Clinton and Senator Clinton encouraging “everybody to get involved. Get out. Do what you can. Talk to your friends and your neighbors. Make those phone calls. Walk those streets. Get the word out that this election is really important.” Watch here.

Crisscrossing the Country: President Clinton and Senator Clinton continue to crisscross the country for Obama-Biden and other Democrats.

In this past week and Monday alone, the Clintons will have traveled to Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

WBZ News reported on Senator Clinton’s visit to New Hampshire Tuesday to campaign for Obama-Biden and Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen: “

At the rally in Dover, the crowd chanted "Hillary. Hillary." Clinton told them it is time for a new direction. "I feel so strongly we cannot afford four more years of the same failed unproductive policies we've had to live with for the last eight years." She added, "Out with the old and in with the blue." Read more.

On Wednesday Hillary traveled to upstate New York where she endorsed the re-election of Congressman Mike Arcuri in Utica, NY, attended an Erie County Democrats Rally with local Democrats in Buffalo, NY; attended a GOTV Rally for Eric Massa, Dan Maffei Alice Kryzan and local Democrats in Rochester, NY.; and attended the Monroe County Democrats Dinner in Rochester NY. Read more.

Hillary Sent Me! on Facebook: This week, HillPAC released a new Facebook application to continue driving its grassroots mobilization program

“With a week to go, we must do everything we can to get every vote out for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Democrats up and down the ticket,” HillPAC Internet Director Katie Dowd writes to supporters in an e-mail introducing the program.

“It's easy, effective, and you can do it on your own schedule. Just log in to Facebook, add HillPAC's Hillary Sent Me! application, and we'll give you the numbers and script. You can start making calls right away,” Dowd writes. Click here for more information.

Click here to start making calls through Facebook.

Last Chance to Make a Difference & 3 Friends: In two separate e-mail appeals this week, Hillary Clinton urged her supporters to back candidates in tough races across the country:

Last Chance to Make a Difference:

There are just a few short days left before Americans head to the polls, and I'd like to ask you for your help once more…
Here are the Democrats who need your help right now:

In Mississippi, Ronnie Musgrove has shocked the pundits by pulling extremely close in his race to win a Senate seat for Democrats. His conservative, Republican opponent has even resorted to ads attacking me and my supporters. It's up to you to keep Ronnie's momentum going.

In Pennsylvania, my good friend John Murtha -- a strong supporter for me during the primaries and an important voice against the war in Iraq -- is depending on your help to win.

Raul Martinez in Florida has a great chance at picking up a Democratic seat from a conservative Republican incumbent. The latest polling has this race in dead heat and Raul needs our help to push back against Republican attacks.

And in John McCain's home state of Arizona, Ann Kirkpatrick has a very good chance to pick up a Republican-held seat. She'll be the first Democrat ever elected in Arizona's 1st district -- if you help her today.

3 Friends:

Let's get right to it. With one week before Election Day, these three great members of Congress need your help right now…

Kirsten Gillibrand was one of the earliest volunteers in my first race for the Senate back in 2000 helping to organize Women for Hillary. In 2006, she unseated a Republican incumbent in upstate New York; now she faces a tough campaign in her first reelection.

Pennsylvania's Paul Kanjorski is facing a barrage of negative attacks from Republicans desperate to win his seat. He's a great friend who works hard on behalf of the people in his district; now he needs our help.

And Joe Sestak -- also from Pennsylvania -- is a retired admiral who worked in the White House during Bill's administration. Like Kirsten, he defeated a Republican in 2006, and we need to make sure he wins his race this year so he can continue to speak out for sensible national security policies on behalf of the men and women of our armed forces.

These three friends have been on the front lines fighting for us, and with Barack Obama in the White House they can help put America back on the right path.

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Young Democrats host GOTV conference call with Hillary

Today, Sunday, November 2nd, 12:45pm Eastern.

YDA President David Hardt (from my hometown Dallas) and the leadership of the organization have done an incredible job this year. They are hosting a GOTV call with Sen. Clinton today. Sphere: Related Content