Saturday, May 3, 2008

Indiana primary and letter in The Times

I grew up in Munster, Indiana. Munster is in the Northwest part of the state outside of Chicago and near Gary. Before the Indiana primary I submitted the following to my hometown paper, The Times.

Click here to read the story. I have also included the text below.

Research candidates' views before casting your vote

Voters in the region face an important choice and will play a critical role in the upcoming primary. Just last month, I took an active part in the Texas primary and caucus. I was excited to have a chance to weigh in on the presidential nomination and considered the choice very seriously.

I looked at both Democratic candidates carefully, did my research and watched the debates.

Although we have two great candidates, I found Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the best plan to strengthen the middle class. I was impressed that Hillary's plan includes investments in alternative energy that will create new jobs, the Employee Free Choice Act that enables unions to organize for fair wages and safe working conditions, and lower taxes for middle-class families.

I also found Hillary's health care plan is the best choice for my family. Her plan helps both individuals and businesses, with a refundable tax credit to help individuals afford high-quality health coverage and a new health care tax credit for small businesses.

I hope you will take this opportunity to be a voice in the presidential primary, that you will spend some time researching the candidates, and that you will vote early or on Tuesday. And I hope you will consider my choice, Hillary Clinton.Jeff Strater, Dallas, Texas (formerly of Munster)
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