Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recapping the convention with Dallas area bloggers

I have been catching up with the blogs about last week's convention from local Dallas folks. I thought I would share them with you. Been looking at these while watching McCain's speech. Easy to multi-task during his speech.

Erin Moore's "Erin in Denver Blog" (delegate from senate district 16)

Paul Tran's A Delegate's Adventure to Denver (at large delegate... and has great pictures on his site)

Janice Schwarz to Denver (Janice was a delegate from senate district 8)

Dallas South Blog (scoll to page 3 for convention coverage)

Janet Morrison's Community Dialogue
(scroll down for convention blogs... great pictures)

Obama Dallas Team (blog includes four bloggers/delegates from Dallas)

Thanks to Michael Davis of Dallas and blogger at
Michael listed my blog and brought my attention to Shawn and Janet's blogs. Michael is a colleage from the City of Dallas Planning and Zoning Commission. Sphere: Related Content