Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's at Stake?

The following was emailed to me from another Hillary supporter now backing Obama:

Sen. Clinton has commented "We don't need four more years of the last eight years, more economic stagnation and less affordable health care, more high gas prices and less alternative energy, more jobs getting shipped overseas and fewer jobs created here at home, more skyrocketing debt, and home foreclosures, and mounting bills that are crushing middle-class families, more war and less diplomacy, more of a government where the privileged few come first and everyone else comes last…No way. No how. No McCain. No Palin.”


* Hillary ran for President to change the Bush-Cheney economic policy, to rebuild the middle class and reward hard work, and invest in jobs here in the US. She knows this economy is leaving millions of hard working Americans behind and endangering our country's future.

* McCain/Palin support continuing the Bush economic policies of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. They advocate privatizing social security, and their trade policies will result in continued loss of jobs.

Health Care

* Hillary believes we need a health care system that is universal, high-quality, and affordable; and she will work with the Obama/Biden Administration to achieve this critical goal.

* McCain/Palin will leave insurance companies in charge of the health care system and families on their own. McCain/Palin are even opposed to expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Equal Pay

* Hillary knows we must strengthen the equal pay laws so women like Lily Ledbetter –and every woman – gets equal pay for her work.

* McCain/Palin oppose strengthening the equal pay laws. McCain said instead of legislation allowing women to fight for equal pay, they need “education and training.“


* Hillary believes it is time to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home with honor.

* McCain/Palin supports continuing the use of force in Iraq. McCain even suggested keeping troops in Iraq for "one hundred years or a thousand years or ten thousand years."


* Hillary believes federal judges should support and uphold our constitutional rights and respect landmarks in our nation’s history of achieving full citizenship for every citizen, including Brown v Board and Roe v Wade.

* McCain/Palin oppose the Roe decision and want it overturned. McCain has said he wants to appoint judges like Alito and Roberts. Palin opposes choice even in the case of rape and incest.


* Hillary knows we need an energy plan that makes us energy independent and that conserves our natural resources for generations to come.

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