Saturday, October 25, 2008

From the weekly Hillary Dispatch

I get an email update each week of Hillary's campaign efforts. Included below is the content from this week:

Hillary Dispatch: Hillary on the Trail

On the Trail: On the heels of her trip to Ohio last weekend, Hillary Clinton continued barnstorming the battlegrounds this week for Obama-Biden and Democratic candidates with stops in Florida, Nebraska, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. Next week, Hillary heads to New Hampshire among other states to be announced soon.

Check out headlines from Hillary on the trail:

Columbus Dispatch: Clinton exhorts faithful not to get complacent Read here.

Orlando Sentinel: 40,000 Cheer Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton In Orlando Read here.

Hibbing Daily Tribune: “Clinton rallies the Range: Sen. Hillary Clinton told a roaring crowd of nearly 5,000 people last night that ‘hard-working folks” of the Iron Range want a government that works as hard as they have their entire lives.”

President Bill Clinton has also been crisscrossing the country for Obama-Biden and other Democrats, making stops this week in Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas. Read about “Clinton Mak[ing] the Case for Obama” here.

“A Tide That Doesn’t Just Lift the Yachts:” Hillary also held a conference call with reporters and voters in New Hampshire previewing her upcoming trip and continuing to make the case for Obama-Biden and other Democrats. The Boston Globe reports:

"I think you know you're on the front lines of the election," Clinton told Obama field offices in a conference call also opened up to reporters. "New Hampshire is going to be critical to our victory." The last eight years have been "very good" to the wealthy, she said, and Obama would only return income tax rates back to what they were under the administration of her husband.

"We want a tide that doesn't just lift the yachts," she said. "We want to lift everyone up." Read more.

Monday on Nightline: In a joint interview with Hillary airing Monday on Nightline, Barack Obama thanked Hillary for her efforts campaigning for him:

When asked about Hillary’s efforts in Florida, Obama responded: “For her to take the time to come down - and she's been consistent in campaigning down here in Florida for us - I think it's part of the reason why we're doing better than a little more than we were just a month ago….She's doing great -- and I told her I can't thank her enough and in places like Florida where she's got so much popularity, she can be a more effective person for us than just about anybody.” Watch here.

“Something I Know:” President Bill Clinton sent the following message to HillPAC supporters today:

Reaching the filibuster-proof 60 votes isn't going to be easy. There are a lot of races that are just about as close as they come. Let me tell you about three must-win races where you can help put Democrats over the top.

In Minnesota, Al Franken has faced some of the worst negative attack ads we've seen this cycle, but he's got a great shot of picking up this seat for Democrats.

In Kentucky, Bruce Lunsford has the chance to kick the Republican's Senate leader out of office - and you'd better believe the GOP is putting everything they've got into this one.

And, Jim Martin is running a race in Georgia that everyone thought was a long shot, but recent polls show the race neck and neck. If you help him keep his momentum going, we can add this one to the Democratic column too.

In Case You Missed It: The Washington Post reports that ‘Democrats Have Reason to Celebrate: Hill PAC Is Back’ Read here.


Hillary and HillPAC have organized over 200 events, fundraisers, and emails for over 75 great Democratic candidates in over 30 states across the country.

HillPAC has given almost $500,000 to date from direct and online contributions to House and Senate candidates in races across the country.

Campaigning in Minnesota: In addition to her event for Barack Obama, Hillary also campaigned for Senate candidate Al Franken in Minneapolis, MN and also filmed an ad for him. Watch here.

Hillary Sent Me: In the last month, Hillary Sent Me! has had great success sending volunteers to NH, OH, PA, FL and VA. This weekend, we’re mobilizing volunteers heading west and making calls on behalf of women in tough Senate races around the country. Sign up here.

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