Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hillary update

I thought I would share the "Hillary Dispatch" email I get from her campaign. The dispatched highlights Hillary's campaign activities for Sen. Obama and other Democratic candidates.

Hillary Dispatch: Barnstorming the Battlegrounds

* Hillary, Bill, Joe and Jill: The Clintons joined the Bidens for a rally in Scranton, PA Sunday afternoon. Greeted by a crowd of thousands, the Clintons continued making the case for Obama-Biden. Here are excerpts from Senator Clinton’s remarks:

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for America. We’ve got to work hard and we’ve got to work together. This is a fight for the future and it is a fight we must win…

“It took a Democratic President to clean up after the last President Bush. It’s going to take a Democratic President to clean up after this President…

“Make no mistake about it - we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. America will once again rise from the ashes of the Bushes…

“That’s why there is only one choice in this election. Wherever I go around the country campaigning for Barack and Joe - I hear people asking each other: Well, who are you for? That’s not the right question. More importantly, the question is: Who is for you?“

Watch the video and read the transcript.

* Barnstorming the Battlegrounds: After the energizing Scranton rally, Senator Clinton continued campaigning in PA while President Clinton traveled to VA for rallies in Roanoke and Richmond. The President then traveled to OH for a Cleveland rally Thursday while Senator Clinton held rallies in Youngstown, OH and Delaware, OH today. This weekend, Senator Clinton heads to Florida followed by events in Nebraska and Minnesota. The Clintons also campaigned for congressional candidates this week including Allyson Schwartz in PA and Texas Senate candidate Rick Noriega.

* “Jobs, Baby, Jobs:” At a “Change We Need” rally near Philadelphia, PA, Hillary answered the familiar Republican slogan “Drill, baby, drill” with one of her own: JOBS, BABY, JOBS.” The crowd responded with roaring applause and adopted the chant in kind.

“What we will create in Pennsylvania, if you give the Democrats a chance to lead and serve you, and what we will create across America with a Democratic President and a bigger Democratic majority in the House and Senate, comes down to this: jobs, baby, jobs. All across America - new jobs across America! So, jobs, baby, jobs; that is our answer to the Republicans.”

* At the Debate: Hillary attended the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night at Hoffstra University, after which she praised Senator Obama on NBC, CNN, CBS, and FOX. Watch her NBC interview here.

"Barack Obama is closing the deal in this election and America is closing the door on the last eight years of failed Republican policies.

"The American people have now seen what both tickets are offering four times, and the choice could not be more clear: Barack Obama offers the steady leadership we need.

"This was John McCain's last chance to present clear, detailed solutions to address this economic crisis we're in and we only saw more of the same.

* In Case You Missed It: U.S. News and World Report calls Hillary “A Vigorous Obama Booster on Campaign Trail.” Read more.

* Closing the Chapter on Republican Misrule: On a call Thursday night with leading progressive bloggers, Hillary Clinton reiterated that “there is still so much to do before election day, which not only includes getting Barack and Joe Biden elected, but making sure we get as close to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate as possible.” Read Taylor Marsh’s post-call post here.

* “On the Trail:” This week, HillPAC unveiled a new “On the Trail” page to keep supporters updated on Hillary’s whereabouts. Visit the site here.

* Women Who Dare To Compete: HillPAC sent an email to supporters today from Hillary:

“I want to tell you about three remarkable women running for Congress. Let me start by telling you what they all have in common.

“They're all running for office for the very first time. They're all running in rural districts against entrenched Republican incumbents who have been some of George Bush's best friends in Congress.

“And all of them can win their incredibly close races if you help them today.”

Support them here.

* Hillary Sent Me! Heads to FL and VA: In the last three weekends, Hillary Sent Me! has had great success sending volunteers to NH, OH, and PA. This weekend, we’re mobilizing volunteers heading to FL and VA. Sign up here.

* Can’t Travel to Miami? BYOC in Ballston: HillPAC is hosting Bring Your Own Cell Phone parties October 21, 22 and 23. Participants will be making calls for Kay Hagan, Sen. Mary Landrieu, and Gov. Jeanne Shaheen. RSVP here.

* Lay of the Land: Here’s an update on down-ticket candidates supported by Hillary and HillPAC. Go team! See more polls here.

NH: Gov. Jeanne Shaheen is +9% v. Sen. John Sununu (51-42)

AL: Mayor Mark Begich is +4% v. Sen. Ted Stevens (49-45)

NC: Kay Hagan is +5% v. Sen. Elizabeth Dole (49-44)

CO: The NRSC has pulled out of CO, essentially ceding the race to Rep. Mark Udall who is +11% v. Rep. Bob Schaeffer (45-34). Read more.

NM: Rep. Tom Udall is +20% vs. Rep. Steve Pearce (57-37)

GA: “Upstart Democratic Senate challenger Jim Martin raised more money than Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss in the most recent three-month period.” Read more.

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