Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton headlines more than 50 events for Sen. Obama

Here is an interesting tidbit from the Hillary Hotline email sent last Friday:

"As of this week, Hillary has headlined more than 50 events and has raised more than $10 million dollars for Obama-Biden."

“Hillary Hotline” summarizes Hillary’s work on behalf candidates and the Obama-Biden ticket:


What’s Hot?

Barnstorming the Keystone State: Hillary Clinton kicks off a two-day swing through Pennsylvania this Sunday, October 12. First stop: “Obama for America” rally in Scranton, PA with President Clinton and Senator Joe and Jill Biden. Monday, Hillary hosts a “Conversation with Working Families” with congressional candidate Allyson Schwartz followed by another rally for Obama-Biden in Philadelphia.

As of this week, Hillary has headlined more than 50 events and has raised more than $10 million dollars for Obama-Biden.

On a call today with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and NY Assemblywoman Ro Ann Destito, Hillary invited her supporters to sign up for

Hillary Sent Me! (HSM) in the Keystone State this weekend.

For those interested in joining HSM in Pennsylvania this weekend, email

To learn more about HSM in the coming weeks, please go to:

Honoring the Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt: On Monday, Hillary spoke at the 8th Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee Luncheon:

"I am absolutely positive with every fiber of my being that we must elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden to be our President and Vice President on November 4…The biggest risk for America is four more years of the last eight years. The last thing I want - and I hope you agree - is to put mavericks in charge of the United States economy at this moment of need. Mavericks in Washington and on Wall Street got us into this mess. Let’s have some adult supervision again and pull ourselves out of it.” Watch and read excerpts.

The Economic Rescue Package Was the First Step; We Have to Do More: At a press conference on Monday, Hillary told reporters:

“The rescue package passed last week was a crucial first step to prevent the economic troubles from deepening, but now we need to focus on helping Americans who are feeling the crunch of this economic crisis and get our economy back on the right track.”

This week, Hillary continued promoting specific initiatives to ease the credit crunch and prevent additional job losses and other economic challenges from hitting Main Street:

* An E-Trust program protecting taxpayers by making transactions transparent along with other initiatives like the Homeowners Mortgage Enterprise,

* Homeowners Mortgage Enterprise (HOME), modeled after the Great Depression-era Homeowners Loan Corporation (HOLC), to rewrite mortgages and reset terms so that creditworthy families would be able to keep their homes and make affordable payments

* The Emergency Stabilization Fund to make emergency loans and establish temporary lines of credit for small businesses, schools, and to help stabilize municipal bonds.

* Pressure on the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to approve a grant to allow New York State to assess the impact of the ongoing economic crisis on jobs in the region and plan a strategic response.

In recent days, McCain has “inaccurately compar[ed] his mortgage buy-up plan to the one proposed earlier this year by” HRC: "It's wrong to suggest the new McCain plan is what Senator Clinton proposed ," said Clinton spokesperson Kathleen Strand. "She and Senator Obama are focused on helping struggling homeowners and holding bank lenders responsible. . . Senator McCain's new plan calls for bailing out and rewarding irresponsible bank and mortgage lenders, while sticking taxpayers with the bill."

“Clinton Urges Women Not To Vote For Palin:” Clinton responds directly to a Westchester Journal News’ inquiry about Governor Sarah Palin as VP. Read more.

"I think that there are people who are excited by the fact that the Republicans have a woman on the ticket. I think that's a legitimate reason to be excited…The Democrats did it in 1984, Republicans got around to doing it in 2008. And there's reason for people to see that as a real milestone.

"But that's not a reason to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. You have to ask yourself, who is going to be better for you and your family? And in New York it's not even close. We will have such a better future if we have Democratic leadership back in the White House."

HRC at HRC: Filling in for Senator Biden Saturday, Hillary spoke at the Human Rights Campaign dinner where she “called McCain a 'mimic' of Bush, not a maverick.” Read the AP story.

USA Today Must Read: Clinton goes to bat for Obama and party. Read more.

Hitting the Battleground Airwaves: On Thursday, Hillary hit the airwaves for a round of early vote interviews for Senator Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan in the battleground state North Carolina.

Mark Woodson (WECU, Greenville, NC): Senator Clinton, I know you have been crisscrossing the country campaigning for Senator Obama and other Democrats. Why is this election so important?

Hillary Clinton: This is such a turning point election. It is historic, unprecedented, it would have been in any event – but the recent downturn in the economy has brought it home to everyone.

You can’t turn away and ignore what is happening to jobs and incomes and home ownership and your bank accounts and your retirement accounts. It’s so important that we elect leadership that will be able to solve these problems. And that’s why I’m working so hard for Senator Obama – because he will bring the kind of leadership of competence and confidence and optimism that we desperately desperately need in our country. Full transcript here.

In the HillPAC spotlight this week: “Valuable Allies” - Eric Massa, Rick Noriega and John Boccieri

HillPAC released an email today from Hillary:

“John, Eric, and Rick aren't just great friends -- they're great leaders. They are honored veterans who will be valuable allies to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Congress.”

Visit for more information

West Virginia & Arkansas: Today, Hillary traveled to Charleston, WV where she endorsed Anne Barth at a rally. Later in the afternoon, Hillary held a rally for Obama-Biden and the Arkansas Democratic Party on the Capitol Steps in Little Rock.

Terry Unplugged…in Virginia: This Monday, over 300 students, activists, and organizers gathered in HillPAC's Virginia headquarters to join Terry McAuliffe, Maria Cardona and Minyon Moore for "Terry Unplugged: A Campaign 2008 Update." Read more and see photos here. Sphere: Related Content