Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hillary Hotline

Sen. Clinton's campaign staff has been sending out regular updates. Below is the "Hillary Hotline" that I got via email yesterday.


What’s Hot?

* Hillary continued her focus on stabilizing the economy this week, urging action from both sides of the aisle. Watch her remarks on the Senate floor here.

On a call with New York reporters, Hillary said: “You’re not going to find anyone who believes that this bill is perfect…But there is no choice…We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good, or in this case, the enemy of what’s necessary.” Listen here. Read here.

* In a LIVE radio interview this morning, Hillary praised Senators Obama and Biden after last night’s VP debate. She told Ryan Seacrest: “Last night, like in the first debate, Joe and Barack conveyed the sense of mastery and expertise that we have to have in our next Democratic White House.”

* Hillary traveled to Michigan last weekend to campaign for Senators Obama and Biden. She made stops in Flint, Grand Ledge, and Grand Rapids.

Hillary on the economy in Flint, MI: “We may have to fix this, but boy we need to fire the group of people like the Republicans who got us in this mess…That’s why we need new leadership and that’s why I’m asking you to do everything you can to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

* President Clinton traveled to Florida for Senators Obama and Biden on Wednesday where he told the crowd: "Here's why you ought to be for Barack Obama…He's got better answers -- better answers for the economy, for energy, for healthcare, for education. He knows what it will take to get this country back on track.”

* On Thursday, Hillary endorsed Senate candidate Rick Noriega in McAllen, TX: “We need his leadership and his experience. We need his voice and his commitment…On issue after issue what Rick Noriega stands for, what he has fought for, what his life exemplifies is really a story of Texas and America." Read more.

* With the Latino community critical to the victories of Senators Obama and Biden and Democrats across the country, Hillary is meeting with volunteers and supporters today at the El Paeso Inn in Los Angeles, CA to discuss the importance of the upcoming election and Hillary Sent Me!.

* Earlier this week, Hillary sat down with Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier to talk about Hillary Sent Me!, the first Presidential debate, and everything Hillary is doing to help elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Watch here.

* On the airwaves in Ohio this week, Hillary encouraged voters to get out and vote early during Magic Week (deadline is Monday, Oct. 6). Listen here.

* In the HillPAC spotlight this week: A Special Bond - three women senators we need in the Senate.

HillPAC released an email today from Hillary:

“I hope you'll join me in supporting three great women running for the U.S. Senate this year: Mary Landrieu, running for reelection to the Senate from Louisiana; and Kay Hagan in North Carolina and Jeanne Shaheen in NH, running to join Mary and me in the Senate in January.”

Visit for more information.

* Last Saturday, Hillary Sent Me! officially kicked off with hundreds of volunteers gathering in Manchester, NH despite rain and bad weather.

Hillary welcomed volunteers via telephone Saturday afternoon: “I could not be prouder than I am today...I hear it is raining, but I know that that won't deter you from getting out and knocking on doors and making calls for Barack and for Jeanne, for state senators and state representatives.” Full transcript here.

Click here for a blog post from the very first NH volunteer to sign up.

Hillary Sent Me! focuses on Ohio this weekend: Gov. Ted Strickland and congressional candidate Sharen Neuhardt hosted a call with reporters today and encouraged Ohioans to vote early and sign up for Hillary Sent Me! at

October 11th and 12th: Hillary Sent Me! focuses on Pennsylvania. To sign up, visit or email

* On Tap for Next Week: Hillary speaks at the 8th Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee Luncheon in New York City and travels to Arkansas for events and fundraising. Hillary will also co-host a fundraiser for Eric Massa and campaign with Paul Tonko, both running for NY congressional seats.

* Stay tuned for a big trip to Pennsylvania the weekend of October 12th

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