Saturday, October 4, 2008

With McCain behind, how negative will the republicans go?

With Obama's increasing poll numbers, I feel a full court swift boat effort on its way from the McCain camp.

We have seen and heard it all before. Voter intimidation, crazy robocalls and nasty ads. The republican's are masters at winning elections and have many tricks up their sleeves.

Remember the congressional campaign of Tammy Duckworth of Illinois? Duckworth, a disabled Iraqi war veteran, lost by just 2%. When the republican knew from polling data they were going to lose this solid republican seat, they attacked her patriotism, sent misquoted mailers and made really strange robo calls. Voters in the district received non stop repeated calls that sounded at first like they were from Duckworth. In fact, they were sent by the Republican National Committee. The intent of the call was to call the voters so many times that they were turned off by Duckworth's candidacy.

Instead of challenging an opponent on issues, the republicans used dirty tricks like the repeated annoying robo call to win the campaign. In a close election like this, I would not be surprised if we see these tactics. Sphere: Related Content