Friday, August 1, 2008

Articles worth sharing

Clinton supporters are asking for a platform item to call on party leaders to condemn future perceived instances of bias.
Interesting article in the Los Angeles Times, "For Clinton supporters, it's a gender issue", discusses the platform and Clinton supporters. It appears that Clinton supporters are hanging in there through the platform process and showing up at platform meetings across the country. Follow this link to the article:,0,3257440.story?track=ntothtml

Here is MSNBC's First Reads take on the gender bias platform item in their blog entry "CONVO WATCH: NOW THE GENDER CARD?" (remember MSNBC's Convo Watch writers are all dudes:

Susan Estrich reminds her readers that close to half of the convention delegates are pledged to Clinton
She comments "exclusion could cost him dearly. It's time to make nice, on all sides" and "you don't win by denouncing people on your own side" and its "time to extend the welcome mat". Check out her article Obama Needs to Make Nice on All Sides.,2933,395141,00.html

Hillary is on the road speaking to union leaders.
San Francisco Chronicle article "Hillary Clinton rouses union workers in S.F." comments on her speech to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees at Moscone Center. Click on this link to view the article: Sphere: Related Content