Thursday, August 7, 2008

Signs of unity and signs of Hillary

There are definately signs of unity! And signs of Hillary. There are reports of joint statements and rumors of deals being made. An example of unity was a conference call I was on last night for a few minutes hosted by the Obama campaign. The call included high profile Texas Clinton backers as speakers. The Obama campaign has also announced events headlining Hillary on behalf of Obama.

Hillary may have suspended her campaign and endorsed Sen. Obama, but more than half the delegates at the convention are Clinton delegates. I am hearing from many unhappy Clinton delegates and work needs to be done to smooth things over. Perhaps tension has increased with rumors that Hillary is far from consideration for VP. The core issue for many Clinton delegates is that they want her name put up for a symbolic nomination vote. Here are some articles I thought you would like. Hillary has issued a video and clearly states her support for Sen. Obama and will host an online chat today

Clinton aims to soothe delegates at Dem convention

Clinton, Obama Seek to Defuse Talk of Contested Floor Vote

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