Saturday, August 9, 2008

Getting ready for the convention

As a delegate, many people are asking me if I am ready for the convention yet. The answer is "hell no". However, the convention is right around the corner!

I have so much to do before the convention. Not just convention related items but there is my pesky job and tons of personal stuff to do. I am also booked between now and the convention. Both weekends coming up are full. I have a meeting or event almost every night.

I need to start thinking about the convention, packing, etc. Packing shouldn't be so hard but I will be gone for seven days and definitely need to plot out what I need to take, what needs dry cleaning or needs to be altered (for some reason I need some pants taken up, a suit jacket looked at, etc). Do I need a new tie, belt, socks?? Yeek!

My email in box has been overloaded with convention material, event invitations, Texas delegate messages, Hillary delegate messages, etc. Unfortunately, I have caught myself double booking events and need to make sure everything is on my calendar.

Here are some things that are going on and some items that have ended up in my in box:

*Got a letter from NARAL this week asking to sign their "Pro-Choice Delegate Pledge".

*An email to Texas delegates about transportation, etc. Buying a light rail pass before the deadline for them to be mailed. Transportation instructions say we will have to take light rail part of the time and DNCC shuttles the other.

*Just got my hotel confirmation. Even after submitting credit card information back in June.

*Email about the delegate service project. Texas gets to do landscaping in a state park. Other states get to read books to kids, play bingo with senior citizens, etc. They must assume that Texas are used to the heat outside and can do landscaping. I really wanted to do the service project but it's too close of timing of a caucus I am going to. Might try to do it and bail early.

*Former Texas Comptroller John Sharp sent a letter about the Texas Gala and it is sponsored by Union Pacific. Should be cool. Thanks John.

*I am a total geek and followed directions in an email about the green delegate program to buy carbon offsets for my travel to the convention. I believe that makes me a green delegate and I will get a gift or something for that!

*Received a call from the Democratic Party about a luncheon with Congressman Barney Frank and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin

*A friend sent me a list of LGBT events and programs. Something going on all the time.

*Received a list of Young Democrats events including their convention kick off happy hour.

*Invitations to various lunches and receptions. Saw the Emily's List event and may go.

*Email from the secretary of the convention with a list of events. I am pretty sure we are getting nothing in print by mail. Several delegates have complained that they want a hard copy packet of information.

*Got some information on preordering the official Texas Delegation photo and the full delegation photo.

That's about all I cant think of now. If I get anything cool, I will let you know! Sphere: Related Content