Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Key accomplishments of Hillary's campaign

I am proud of our Democratic Primary Presidential Candidates. Hillary's campaign meant a great deal to me. Here are some key accomplishments of her historic campaign:

Hillary and her historic campaign:
* Broke barriers and prevailed over the conventional political wisdom. She became the first woman to win state presidential primaries and caucuses - 23 in all - and blazed open a path for generations to come.
* Brought millions of new voters into the Democratic Party from all backgrounds, races, and faiths - over 18 million Americans cast their votes for Hillary Clinton, more votes than any presidential primary candidate in history.
* Captured a strong and important coalition of supporters including Hispanics, Women, and Blue Collar households - who are now a stronger part of the Democratic family to support a victory for Democrats in the Fall.
* Helped bring women out in record numbers. The number of women who participated in the Democratic primary rose from 7.56 million in 2004 to more than 21 million in 2008 - from 54% of the primary electorate in 2004 to 57% in 2008.
* Inspired Hispanic Americans to participate in the 2008 Democratic primary process in record numbers. This group of swing voters, swung strongly for Hillary by nearly 65% with at least 2.5 million if not more casting their vote for her.
* Despite Senator Obama's advantage among young people and African American voters, Hillary Clinton - throughout her campaign - continued to have an open and active dialogue with both groups on the issues that matter to them and the solutions she proposed that would specifically help their lives.
* Ran a tireless campaign of over the past 18 months with late nights and early mornings. She participated in 1,200 events over 500 days with her longest day on the trail lasting over 26 hours.
* engaged more than 100,000 volunteers and over 10,000 traveling volunteers worked on her behalf to help make 27.3 million calls to voters and knock on almost 1 million doors.
* Used innovative technology to communicate, fundraise, and mobilize supporters. Highlights include microsites like the HillaryHub, FactHub and the Hillary I Know, the Sopranos spoof video, the world's largest political town hall and state of the art phone-banking tools.
* Raised $225 million from donors big and small across America, including nearly $100 million in grassroots donations and over $10 million online in a single 24 hour period following Pennsylvania's primary. These totals were exceeded only by the fundraising efforts of the Obama for America campaign.
* Set out bold and progressive policy proposals that focused on specific solutions for America's families. She addressed the mortgage crisis early, put forth a full universal healthcare plan and laid out a long term energy policy that included a $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund. These issues are at the forefront of Americans' minds and the Democratic agenda, and Hillary Clinton will remain on the frontlines of Democracy fighting for all Americans, many of whose voices have gone unheard for too long.

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