Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Texas Delegation Hotel for the National Convention

So Texas is a red state...for now. Unfortunately, since we are a red state and the current republican president comes from our state, we get last dibs on hotels in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Actually, the Texas delegation is staying in Aurora, Colorado at the lovely Red Lion Hotel (recently known as a Radisson).

However, none of the delegations are staying at the Denver Ritz Carlton. For a list of the delegations and their hotel, click here. New York and California are staying at the same hotel, the Adam's Mark. I am sure that place will be rockin! I may have to hang out at their hotel bar and do some people watching in the lobby.

Texas delegates were very concerned of the state of the hotel on our last conference call. I'm cool with it. Wish we were closer to the convention center and at a nicer place.

Check out some of the reviews from Tripadvisor by clicking on the link.

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