Monday, June 30, 2008

Kumbaya at the convention... not so sure!

With all the talk of unity and bringing together fundraisers and contributors, the press has ignored the thoughts of delegates heading to Denver. It would be interesting of there was polling of the delegates (both Obama and Clinton) regarding unification, vice presidential selection and other key issues

Sure, the nomination process is over and we have a presumptive candidate but there are many watching the treatment of Hillary and what her role will be at the convention.

I think it is going to be a very messy convention.

Hillary has close to 1,900 delegates. These are delegates who will be active at the convention, speaking to reporters, participating in meetings/caucuses and on the floor during prime time television. A difficult group to control.

Can you imagine walk outs, shouting, booing and major disagreements if things don't go well for Hillary? As a pledged delegate, I was elected by thousands of Hillary supporters who elected me to stand with Hillary and not to back down. I plan on keeping that pledge to those who elected me.

I am sure there are Obama delegates not too crazy with a unified ticket with Hillary and will be very cranky when that takes place.

How to solve this? Hillary should be the VP nominee. It will be a tough convention if Hillary is not at the table. It will be tough to ignore the 18 million Democratic party members who supported Hillary.

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