Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random news stories on the internet

Hillary pictured above talking to her campaign staff on her airplane. This is a Getty photo taken in April.

Obama is picking up Clinton staff

Cleveland Plain Dealer blog reports that Obama picked up a Clinton campaign Ohio staff member to head his communications in Ohio.

I enjoyed meeting Hillary's campaign staff. Everyone seemed sharp and dedicated. I am glad to hear that some are getting picked up by Obama. It's hard to find a job in this economy. Click here for the story.

Newsweek reports findings from a poll that most Clinton supporters are with Obama now
However, the poll shows he is short of closing the sale. I agree. I have many friends angry about the primary and not ready to jump on board with Obama. Click here for the story

Nancy Pelosi does feel that Clinton faced sexism

Click here for the story. I remember watching the election night coverage the night of the NH primary and listening to the guys on CNN trashing Hillary and counting her out.
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