Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohh Oprah! Her digs in Denver and giving Pres.Clinton the cold shoulder!

Pictures above: Bill on the Oprah show and Oprah's vacation home in California.

I have two things to tell you about about Oprah. First she is renting a place in Denver for the convention. The second item is a UPI report that Oprah and President Clinton "barely acknowledged one another" at Nelson Mandela's birthday party.

I haven't seen the Oprah show in a long but the last time I was home sick it was the topic of women who went years without haircuts. They finally get make overs and it changes their lives. I actually watched the entire show. I do think I could have been a great participant in Oprah's show this last season called "Oprah's Big Give". I am a savvy commmunity minded guy who would have done quite well.

I digress. Here is some Oprah scoop!

Oprah renting a place in Denver
Bill Husted from the Denver Post Blog posts on a myriad of Democratic Convention gossip including this little tid bit about Oprah, he reports "Rumors have Oprah renting a house at East First Avenue and Humboldt Street in Country Club". I have included a picture of Oprah's place in California as a frame of reference.
I am sure Oprah has some fancy diggs in Denver and I would encourage her to adopt the environmental friendly green principles of the convention. The Denver Convention has been called the "Greenest Show on Earth". Read the article in the Wall Street Journal by clicking here

Here are my environmental tips for Oprah:

  1. Lose the Farragamo tote and sport one of the 15,000 fanny packs for DNC volunteers made of organic cotton by unionized labor in the USA.

  2. Make sure you use your bath towel more than once to keep from wasting water for laundry.

  3. Use compostable utensils and cups. Have each one of your house guests mark their cup with a marker to promote reuse.

  4. Before you leave for a long day at the convention, turn the thermostat up to prevent the AC from running. We turn ours up to 85 degrees.

  5. Instead of wasting gas, try walking to the convention center, taking public transportation or change out that limo for a Honda Prius.

Oprah and President Bill Clinton snub each other at event.

It seems like Oprah and President Bill Clinton can't seem to share the love and unity. At a recent event it is noted by UPI that Bill and Oprah blew each other of

UPI reports the Bill and Oprah were not friendly at a recent party for Nelson Mandela in London. Click here to read the story.

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