Thursday, June 26, 2008

Letter from Hillary, Obama/Clinton meetings, Chet Edwards

I got a very cool letter from Hillary congratulating me on my election as a delegate. It's a form letter but still very cool. This may seem dorky but it is suited to be in a frame or scrapbook worthy (but I don't have a scrapbook).

I am figuring out this blog stuff and have no idea how to add documents like the letter. I may have to scan it and turn it into a jpg file as a picture. Let's see if I am that savvy!

Not sure what to think of the Hillary and Obama meetings this Thursday and Friday. I purely think it is an effort towards unity and fundraising. Hillary needs Obama's donors and Obama needs Hillary's donors and bundlers.

I was very surprised by Nancy Pelosi's suggestion of Texas Rep. Chet Edwards as VP. Chet is a good guy but I think his voting record might scare some democrats. Edwards represents the most republican congressional district of any democratic member of congress. Here is a link to the story in the Washington Post.

But why isn't Pelosi in support of Hillary Clinton for VP? Feel free to comment below. There is an option where you don't have to sign up for anything. Just enter a screen name where it says name.

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