Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Convention News: Food, A delegate's Story and Protesters

More convention food news

Strict guidelines for caterers at the Democratic National Convention have miffed a member of the Denver City Council. The convention committee contends that these are just guidelines and considers them “Lean ‘N Green”. The cool thing about this article is that I learned a new term "carbon footprint". The article explains "... one caterer was told not to serve pineapple, because of its “carbon footprint” (it burns up a lot of fuel to transport pineapples from Hawaii to Denver)." Check out the article by clicking here.

Nice article on a delegate and how she was elected

I like it when good hard working activists get selected to go the convention. It is discouraging sometimes when party blow-hards get selected and the grassroots folks are passed over. Good to hear that this woman was selected by others because "she was organized, focused and persistent, and will make a good delegate." Click here for article.

Time Magazine discusses protesters and their better timing for legal fights

To be honest, I really don't get protestors at the Democratic National Convention. They should focus on the republican convention. There are a zillion reasons the republicans should be protested! Click here for the article regarding their legal fight, location and other notes. Sphere: Related Content