Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hillary tells teachers to vote for Sen. Obama at the American Federation of Teachers Convention

Hillary told attendees of the national convention of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to support Sen. Obama in the Fall. The AFT is holding their national convention in Chicago. (picture taken of Hillary at last year's AFT convention).

I did a Google image search on my dad, Bill Strater, and found this image! My dad (his 78th birthday today) is a lifetime member of the AFT. I remember when he went to the national convention many years ago when it was held in San Francisco. This year's AFT convention consists of 3,000 delegates and they will vote on a recommendation to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president. This was the organization's 80th convention. The AFT is a affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

I have talked to my dad a couple times since my election as a delegate. As a former history and government teacher, he is pleased that I am going to the convention.

My parents were teachers and my dad coached baseball and taught high school for several decades. I learned that hard work can help you live the American Dream. We had a great home and access to high-quality health care. My parents paid for my sisters and me to go to college, and were fortunate enough to retire comfortably. Unfortunately, the American Dream of working hard, providing for your family and enjoying a comfortable retirement has faded away for most people. Wages have not increased, and health care and college tuition are no longer affordable. People are losing their homes, retirement is out of reach and filling up your gas tank is a financial burden.

I believe and trust that both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton will fight so hard to make the American dream possible again.

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