Thursday, July 17, 2008

Denver homeless citizens to head to the movies during the convention

A couple of the local stations in Denver are reporting that the homeless citizens of Denver will be getting movie passes, tickets to local attractions and bus fare during the convention. Oh course, Fox News is poking fun of it.

This is much more humane than rounding people up and sending them somewhere. Denver's mayor has made it clear that they will not hide the homeless during the convention. On the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless website, I found a great story "Denver won't hide homeless". I encourage you to take a moment to read it. Click here for the article.

Before the 1994 World Cup in Dallas, there were efforts to hide the homeless. I have heard stories that the homeless "shantytowns" were cleared out under the highways. Apparently, there was a law suit and an article from the Dallas Morning News reported "A class-action suit after the World Cup contended the city's ban on sleeping in public was unconstitutional and punished people for being homeless. Although a federal judge agreed, an appeals court decision allowed the city to enforce the ban. "
I tried to find information on the situation to post but there were just tidbits here and there but the most interesting thing is that when I googled "homeless world cup", I actually learned that there is a homeless soccer tournament called the Homeless World Cup. Who knew!! Click here for the USA Today article on the Homeless World Cup. Interesting stuff.
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