Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ickes' message to Clinton national delegates

I like Harold Ickes. I was proud of Ickes' opposition to the allocation of Michigan delegates at the DNC Rules Committee meeting this past May and how he stood up against the committee's action by arguing "This motion will hijack -- hijack -- remove four delegates won by Hillary Clinton," Ickes said in opposing the Michigan motion. "This body of 30 individuals has decided that they're going to substitute their judgment for 600,000 [Michigan] voters.

Ickes has been a senior strategist for Senator Clinton's presidential nomination. He served as Deputy Chief of Staff for President Clinton. His father was FDR's Secretary of the Interior for 14 years and was responsible for implementing most of the New Deal
Below is a blast email sent today that national delegates for Hillary received from Ickes. Hillary's campaign continues to communicate with delegates after she suspended the campaign.

Email from Harold Ickes

As Senator Clinton continues to focus her energy to bringing the Democratic message of opportunity and prosperity to every corner of America, she intends to stay connected to each of you in the weeks and months leading into the convention and long after that.

The effort, commitment and sacrifice each of you make every day so that your communities continue to be centers where families can flourish is important to Senator Clinton and to that end, she wants you to stay in touch with her.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by phoning (number removed) or by email (address removed).

Together, we can and we will make America better.


Harold Ickes
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